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F   I   N   A   L          W   O   R   K


First Step – Shape

I used Metaball to find the shape I was looking for my design.

Set the points and used Gene Pool to define the volume of each point I set.

Of course this volume will only be seen after I set more planes wich I did using

Linear Array, setting an XY plane to define the geometry I wanted as base,

then the direction which was the Unit Z and finally the number of levels I was

looking  for.   Because  I  was  going  to  need  the  lines  that  define  the  shape,

I conected  the  metaball to a  curve wich is going to be used to do the rest of

the details of the building.


Second Step – Slabs

Using Bondary Surfaces to transforme what before were just curves.

Then  Extrude  the  surfaces  to  give  thickness  and  create  the  slabs,

setting a direction (unit Z) and a value.


Third Step –  window frames

To define the window frames I used a Devide Length to create points,

with  3  meters  of  distance (Length) from each other on every curve of

wich level, conected to a line that to define the endI used Move to send

those     points    created    in    the    devide    Length   3   meters    down.

After that transforme them into Pipes.

 GRHO_3_1 GRHO_3_2

Fourth Step – Glass

Again coming from the curves created in meatball,  Extrude  them 3

meters down, that’s why I applied a negative to the value,  this  way

after  changing  materials  in  the  layers I created the window’s glass.


Fifth Step – Guards

As  I  gave  thickness  to  the  slabs  by  extruding the surfaces, now the

curves are 1 meter lower, to create the guards I had to compensate the

height of the guard with the thickness of the slabs. So   I  move  up  the

curves  to  create  the  horizontal  guards,  setting   again   the   Unit   Z

and attributing a value. And then transforme this curves in pipes.

To do the structure of this guards, the vertical ones, I had to move the

curves   1  meter  high  so  they  start  above  the  slab,   then  used  the

Devide Length to create points in the curves, this time with 9 meters

of distance from each other. Then I move the points 1 meter  high  and

unify them with a line, and then transforme into Pipe.


This way I create this building with potential for large equipment such as

malls,  hotels,  corporate  offices.  With an organic form where the heights

flow along the building.








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