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The creation of a basic skyscrapper using Rhino 6+Grasshopper


Curves and Arches

What originally started as a normal curve was later scaled on both the x and y axis. The later colouring part was made to show the peaks the lows of the height of the curves with the shorter (cooler one as blue) and the higher (hotter one as red).


curves curve 2 curve 3curve 4



screenshotscreenshot 2screenshot 23

I was told not to use two attractor points too late…

Double Attractors

While the previous time I used double attractors but using the same function twice, it can actually be simpler


I kind of like this new colour scheme, it looks subtly comic booky.


Also, played with fields and vectors



Tried to model this


While I was able to make the general pattern, out and eventually move the geometry into a certain height. The problem arose when I started to divide the polygons into segments. There must be a way to snap the triangles into the sides of the polygon. I’m still finding out how to align the triangles, and have them align according to its length. The polygon tool allowed for regular triangles. Still I believe it can be done. There are functions that I probably have not thought of, or mathematical work arounds…