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Lesson 1

Some crazy metaball stuff

Lesson 2


my skyscraper!!!!!

skyscraper making using basic shape, twisting, loft

how to use range to replace series???


Lesson 3

learning how to use graph mapper and range to generate numbers



trippyyy stuff

Lesson 4

Attractor = focus point



 remap numbers – set smallest and largest number



vector 2pt to create the “magnetic field”



Lesson 5 Dispatch and weave

lecture 5 dispatch

dispatch: splits numbers into 2 groups using a condition such as smaller than

after dispatch, place points so that you know which group A/B is referring to

lecture 5 list length

when generating random numbers, if numbers of numbers unknown, use list length

lecture 5 checking points

useful way to check points after weaving

weave: combine groups of numbers into one list

lecture 5 colour picking

colour picking

lecture 5 perspective

final product

Lesson 6 Data Tree

graft – split into more lists

flatten – combine into one list

lecture 6 facade

final facade with pyramids (not sure how to make other shapes)

update: possible to create boxes using domain box?

Lesson 7 Local Coordinates t & UV

importance of reparameterize to know start and end points of curve

different types of division of curves available for different uses – divide length, divide distance, divide curve, evaluate curve+range

use of graph mapper to vary distance between points on curve

sum surface is easier method to create surface with two curves instead of using vectors and lofting

lecture 7 graft grasshopper pic lecture 7 no graft grasshopper piclecture 7 graft grasshopper


grafted u (or v) vs non-grafted

lecture 7 shift list

use of shift list to set continuous start and end points (another line starts where one line ends so there is a continuous line)

Lesson 8

New kangaroo plugin

need to align shapes based on starting points – rotate plane of either shape (tedious to make modifications?)

anchor start and end points

possible to add forces/loads

possibly a good plugin to create more irregular shaped items?

lecture 8 kangaroo

lecture 8 colours

adding colours for stretch