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Lesson 1


Metaballs_Image1 Metaballs_Image2

Lesson 2





Task1_Image3 Task1_Image4

In order to fix the way in which the skyscraper rotated around certain points, I connected the new point to the rotation plane as seen in the sequence above.

Lesson 3

Graph Mapper to adjust the way the skyscraper twists.

You can also change the type of graph you use to adjust the way in which the skyscraper twists.

Random Generator to create a series of random points.





Lesson 4

We worked with divide domain and remap numbers to create a façade between two curves.

Lesson4_Image1 Lesson4_Image2 Lesson4_Image3


Lesson 5

We went further in depth with remapping numbers to create a series of boxes that resemble a city. We had to use remap numbers various times to create a more random city. I have images showing my city before color, after adding and adjusting the color, and in a rendered view. When you adjust the points on the curve in my file, the colors and boxes adjust accordingly.

Lesson5_Image1 Lesson5_Image2 Lesson5_Image3


Lesson 6

We used data tree and lists to create a lofted curve façade that we broke up into a grid. We then adjusted each portion of the façade to add depth and different dimensions.

Lesson6_Image1 Lesson6_Image2 Lesson6_Image3 Lesson6_Image4


Lesson 7

In lesson 7, we learned about the reparameterize function and how it affects the evaluate curve function.

Lesson 7_Image 1 Lesson 7_Image2 Lesson 7_Image3 Lesson 7_Image4

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Anemone Loop and Dendro Maching Cubes

Lesson9_Image1 Lesson9_Image2 Lesson9_Image3

Lesson 10

Galapagos Simple Nesting

I tried to use Galapagos in my wall tutorial, however, I found that it did not create exactly what I was looking for. I found a better solution for my tutorial after understanding Galapagos better.

Lesson10_Image1 Lesson10_Image2 Lesson10_Image3

Lesson 11


Lesson11_Image1 Lesson11_Image2 Lesson11_Image3 Lesson11_Image4


Lesson 12


Lesson12_Image1 Lesson12_Image2 Lesson12_Image3