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Lesson 1

Class 1 screenshot

Lesson 2

screenshot 2  Screeenshot B screenshot 4 Both in Front

The first photo is of series model, the second two photos include the series model (green) and the range model (orange).

Lesson 3

screenshot 1 screenshot 5 dope shot by itself Screenshot B2

Series and Range Exercises – Manipulating the Form

Lesson 4

Screenshot 1 experiment screenshot 2 screenshot 3

Lesson 5

Curved flower re-creation using range, graph mapper (2 of them), multiply, and a few other functions. Consulted grasshopper help section and youtube for guidance.

WP_20160728_13_28_16_Pro  Flower Image 1 Flower Image 2 Flower Image 3

Lesson 6

Reactors and Attractors

Screenshot as suggested   screenshot 2   Actual Screenshot 3

Lesson 7

Attractors Part 2 – 3D Objects

screenshot 1screenshot b2final screenshot

 Lesson 8

screenshot 1 screenshot 1a screenshot 2

Lesson 9

screenshot 3screenshot 2screenshot 1