Sebastian’s Grasshopper Experience


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Lesson 2

First time using Grasshopper ever -and using a Czech keyboard- kinda crazy.


 Lesson 3

Got really confused with all of this, but this came out anyway.






Lesson 4

Created this surface. That’s it.







Lesson 5

I tried to adjust the growth of the city so it wouldn’t be linear, using dispatch, remap, and lists but wasn’t able to get it. Either way, here’s what I did following the livestream.

1 2




Lesson 6

I created the first facade (blue) following the lecture, and then kept things simple using the mesh sphere to create the second one (lavender).





Lesson 7

Followed the tutorial pretty okay to create the mesh and the tube thingy, but failed at the homework because the uneven grid never showed up on my surface.

surface tube




Lesson 8

Here’s my result of the tutorial of Lesson 8. I wasn’t able to put a mesh on it because when I connected the mesh, Grasshopper said ‘Mesh didn’t work. I don’t know why.’ Me neither Grasshopper.