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Lesson 2:

Sid Jambunathan Skyscraper

Sid Jambunathan Skyscraper 2

Sid Jambunathan Skyscraper 3


Lesson 3

Sid Jambunathan Graphmapper Skyscraper

We looked at using Graphmapper and Range components as well as random point components


Populate 3D mesh


Lesson 4

We looked at creating surfaces through the MD Slider, remap and divide domain components.

GH Components Surface 2 Surface


Lesson 5

We used different list and weave components to create a “city” of boxes that were dependent on a curve. The dispatch component was used to separate data into two lists, where one set was random and one was organized.

GH Script

Capture 1 Capture 3

The first image is of all the boxes organized on the curve, while the second one shows how it changed when the random components were added.


Capture 4

I made the box pattern non-linear by plugging in a x^3 function from the remap component into the domain box component. It made the height not linear, but exponential instead.


Lesson 6

In this lesson, we used data trees to manipulate a surface. By grafting and flattening certain components, we could create multiple lists of data.

Grasshopper Components

Surface 1

I then tried using the evaluate box component to further manipulate the panels on the surface.

Surface 2



Lesson 7

During this lesson, we learned how to evaluate UV coordinates. We evaluated curves, surfaces, meshes, and boxes and learned about manipulating local coordinates.

This is an example of evaluating 2 curves and then creating a surface between them:

Curve Surface GH Curve Surface


I then evaluated the surface in order to create a grid above boxes along it:


Box Surface GH Box Surface


I also divided a curve using different methods. The one shown below is using Sub Curve:


Sub Curve GH Sub Curve


For the homework, I used the components to create a surface that has a unevenly divided grid:

HW Surface


Lesson 8

We learned about the Kangaroo2 plugin feature in Grasshopper. We used it to create several arches that were dependent on physics engine within Kangaroo.

GH Components


Kangaroo Arches



Color Arches


Lesson 9

In this lesson we used the plugins Anemone and Dendro in order to create a mesh.


Here is the progress of the curves without volume to the volume with a mesh and then the volume with the mesh hidden:

Shape no mesh Shape with mesh Vectors


Lesson 10

I used the solver Galapagos to create variations of positions and rotations of shapes.

Editor Fitness GH



Lesson 11

In this lesson, we learned about different ways of creating and manipulating curves. For instance, you can use the point cylindrical or point polar component:

Curve 2 GH2

You can also use expressions:

Curve 1 GH1



Lesson 12

In this lesson, we created a facade with balconies based on the location and direction of a “Sun” vector. First we made a Cluster:

Cluster Components

And that would feed into the main script:

Main Script

With that script, a facade was created: