Distance lecture defied the world in quarantine


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Curved skyscraper saum1kkothe logics


My first post, writing this on Friday afternoon çause I miserably failed things during the lecture. Anyway after spending some time (it was quite some) learning the tricks, I got quite nice tower done. I think it flows beautifully down like a waterfall but maybe it could need some changes on the ground level and on the roof. And of course it needs some sort of uber windows scrolling like madness. Right now I just want to get something to eat though…….

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I know I have missed here couple of posts but I’ll put those subjects later when I get a better grasp on things on my own computer. I’ve had difficulties learning the stuff from distance because it took me awhile to understand that I can download Rhino for 90 days but I should do fine for awhile now.

The latest lesson was cool and I learned a lot of new things which can be valuable for my studies with urban planning. My creation looked something like this, unfortunately I had no idea how to make it to have curves which you asked for our homework. For me finishing the blocks felt like a huge project!

City building... yeh...

Additionally I have couple of dumb questions which I simply could not find answers while watching the video.

1)Grasshopper problem _1

I wondered here what we were supposed to do to switch the panel from checked to unchecked. You clicked something but I have no idea how you did it.



2)Grasshopper stupid question_2

Another really stupid question is how you enabled these. I have before used always preview on/off so I was a bit surprised to notice that I did  not know how to enable stuff at once. I suppose it is extremely easy but I am stupid.

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