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Lesson 1 17/02/20

We practised using grasshopper to create metaballs and bubble shape features


Lesson 2 24/02/20

We designed a twisted skyscraper.


24.02.20 Twisted Skyscraper 1

Lesson 3 02/03/20

Today we learnt about graph mapper. The tutorial was quite fast paced. i think i understand the graph mapper but i dont think i understand the random comand we were shown at the end. I didnt do the homework last week so will do it this week.

02.03.20 Graph Mapper








I tried to make a model of my red nail polish bottle. I was able to get the 3D form but i couldnt add a base or top to the bottle so it was hollow. I also dont think i used the graph mapper correctly?

Homework for 09.03 pic


Lesson 4 09/03/20

Started learning about attractors, they are similar to magnets. Also learnt about Remap, it has to be used in all big files and it allows you to have control over the smallest and largest number.

Day Task                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Morning task



09.03.20 Attractor & RemapMORNING TASK 9.3


Lesson 5 16/03/20

First online class, it was really fast paced and was hard to understand, watch, do and respond all at once. Don’t think I have grasped the concept of weave and dispatch. The tutorial was well thought out but I found it a difficult topic.

data map image


Lesson 6 23/03/20

My rhino crashed so I was unable to follow the tutorial online. The gumball button helped as I didn’t know how to extrude curve to y axis. I had an issue with last task- I was unable to connect all four points to output.

data tree image20200323_115635data tree image


Lesson 7 30/03/20

Again I had to pause the tutorial to catch up but I like the idea of having a teams chat after the tutorial because when I pause the video to catch up I am behind and cant ask questions if I am stuck or respond to the answers the teacher is giving. I think I understood the class quite well, I will do the homework and upload it to see if I did understand it.




First attempt at the surface homework.

coord homework-page-001 (1)







Lesson 8 06/04/20

I found the kangaroo physics really interesting and I might use it for my jewellery as I think it resembles dangling chains associated with jewellery.

kangaroo physics


Change the colour

kangaroo physics colour

Lesson 9 20/04/20

My grasshopper and rhino kept crashing when I tried to download anemone and dendro. Anemone did download onto my computer but does not open and dendro failed to download. When it comes up with the error the link it provides takes me to the Rhino help desk but it is not helpful.

Lesson 10 27/04/20

The gene tutorial was quite interesting, I understand when I could use this for future reference. I thought the grasshopper part went really quickly and was a shame not to see a final object like we have in previous weeks.



Lesson 11 04/05/20

I really liked the curves and spirals, I think I am going to explore this more and use it for my jewellery because the organic output is what I would like my jewellery to represent. I think the tutorial was a bit rushed, but I understand it had to be finished by 11. curve#


Lesson 12 11/05/20

My grasshopper kept crashing during todays lecture, I think it was an issue with my laptop, not the software. However, I found this youtube tutorial really difficult to follow, it was very fast paced and I found the topic to be very advanced and a lot more technical compared to previous weeks. I struggled to understand what was happening.