Closest Pair


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Shortest Distance Between Two Points

The goal of this exercise is to find two closest points in a point cloud, learn C# basics  and to compare efficiency of code with classic GH definition.

1. Basic Loop

Indexing points using GH component Series, later C# loop.


Download: basic_loop

2. Closest Point


  1. Loop training
  2. Conditional Statements
Download: loop_&_conditions
2.1. Connections
  1. List (value) declaration
  2. List methods (Add value to list of values)
  3. Return connections as list of lines
Download: connections ; avoiding_yourself
2.2. Shortest Distance
  1. Declaration min distance (double value)
  2. Find distance between two points (method)
  3. it smaller then actual (if condition)
  4. Create/Return shortest line
Download: closest_pt_exercise ; closest_pt_solution

3. Nesting Loop

  1. Create a loop inside the loop
  2. Cross references (round-robin)


Download: closest_pair_solution (with homework)


Comparison with the first/previous GH definitions. Answer to the question: Why should I use a code? (Can I? Do I?)

Download: initial_GH_solutions (from different students)