DEADLINE 1.2. 12:00


Categories: Lectures

Your final Tutorial should be uploaded to the website till 1.2. 2019 12:00.

It has to have a nice FEATURED IMAGE (if you don’t give it one, the post doesn’t have an image to click on the homepage), it has to be in the TUTORIAL category and it has to include YOUR SCRIPT (.gh and .3dm files). No files = no grade. Your job is to explain clearly the topic and the approach you took to come up with your design. Remember it should be useful for future students. Please try to focus on the content and good storytelling and don’t write “empty” sentences like: “Then I picked <whatever> component and placed it into Grasshopper canvas…”

Make sure you include more versions of your geometry, we’re modeling parametrically, which means one slider can change the whole model. Show the capabilities of your script. I’ll be available at my email address. ( p r o k o s i m <at>