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On the Monday 19.3.2018 I’ll be away on a trip to France. In the meantime, I’ve prepared a series of photos to inspire your modelling. Just choose one interesting thing in these pictures and try modelling it. You don’t have to model everything in the picture, just pick an element from it. Maybe it will be just the pattern, or the base shape without the texture, or just the way something is divided… It’s up to you. Most of it is some natural stuff and patterns, so don’t hesitate to use random, perlin niose, sin, cos, besier, parabolic, cubic and other curves in the GRAPH MAPPERs for scaling, rotating, moving… All powered by series and range!

Remember to use as simple geometry as possible most of the time (points, vectors, curves, points on curves, base surfaces). And in the end generate necesary solids like mesh and polysurfaces (b-reps). If you have to make a lot of anything, it will be faster as a mesh, not b-rep.

Use tutorials on youtube, vimeo and check out scripts of other users. Check other websites for additional scripts:


(And post the original image next to your creation on your blog.)


Kangaroo 2

Circle packing: