LS2020 – Grasshopper basics


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Lesson 1 – Metaballs


Lesson 2 – Series & Range

02 - Series & Range_01

Lesson 3 – Generating cool numbers

First, a quick recap from previous classes (try to make a similar skyscraper, you can add only sliders and panels):


Homework: Spend max. 30 minutes trying to model an organic shape you find somewhere (or have a photo of) using the Graph mapper component.

03 - Generating numbers


Lesson 4 – Attractors

Here’s some very simple point movement attractor example. Later on, the remap component comes in to tame the nubers and provide control of the whole thing. After understanding the principle, check out the sun vector being used as an attractor for facade openings.  If you find any part of this confusing (after reading the Designing with attractors chapeter in the Book and a little search on forums), feel free to mark the problem using Pencil tool and Scribble and send it to me.

 04 - Attractors_01