ZS 2019 – Attractors


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Check out three ways how to work with attractors. If you didn’t read the book yet, find the chapter on attractors here: http://grasshopperprimer.com/en/1-foundations/1-3/2_working-with-attractors.html


You can use native GH Vector field components from the Vector tab:

04 - Attractors - More attractors with native GH components

You can use attractors to deform a grid. Going point by point, you can change shape of every hexagon and then connect the points back together to a closed polyline:

04 - Attractors - Grid deformation with colors

Or you can use Data tree to make basic GH points work together as many attractors using Mass Multiplication or Mass addition:

04 - Attractors - More attractors with basic math and Data tree



Here’s some interesting facts about sound and other fields: The inverse square law.