How to make stained glass from random photo in Grasshopper – VORONOI


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This work will show you how the Voronoi diagram can be used to create stained glass from any image in Grasshopper.PN3_Semestralni_prace_screens

Prepare image
We need to reduce our image quality before we start to make the code. We need it due the working speed.PN3_Semestralni_prace_screens2

In Photoshop, we will reduce the size of the image so that it has 100 pixels in a larger dimension and save it like JPG.PN3_Semestralni_prace_screens3


Create image points
The next step is to create a set of image points. We need to have our picture in black and white mood too, cause of points locations.PN3_Semestralni_prace_screens4

Reduce number of colours and use voronoiPN3_Semestralni_prace_screens5

Make a boundary
Create the stained glass bordering with Pipe tool.PN3_Semestralni_prace_screens6

Use on any imagePN3_Semestralni_prace_screens7

Full script




Grasshopper file – kiriazeva_voronoi