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Creating a parametrically designed 3d printable fabric with the chainmill method from different shapes using Grasshopper.

211202 picto chainmill_01


Displaying different approaches and solutions how to design the fabric.

211202 picto chainmill_02

One – bracket connection


220120 bracket connection

Bracket connection

starting with a hexagonal grid. offsetting it and dispatch the segments

220120 bracket connection2

creating the bracket and the clamp by moving the segments and connecting the end points

220120 bracket connection3

extruding the base and use pipe-component for the segmented lines

220120 bracket connection4

Two – hexagonal structure


220120 hexagon

Hexagonal interlocking structure

starting with a grid again and offsetting it multiple times

220120 hexagon2

creating intersecting circles and move them upwards create multiple circles

220120 hexagon3

divide and rotate curves (circle and hexagonal) and connecting the lines for the circular structure

220120 hexagon4

divide curves again (no rotation) and connecting the lines for the supporting structure

220120 hexagon5

using control point component and interpolate for smooth curves

220120 hexagon6
using pipe component to extrude the curves and colorize it
220120 hexagon7 220120 hexagon8

Connections – for seamless additions

creating rotating rectangles and solidify them. finally perform boolean operation


220120 hexagon9

Mesh Pipes

script also works with mesh / multipipes

220120 hexagon10

Three – rectangular structure


220120 rectangular

also works with rectangles

220120 rectangular2

Four – the other way round

creating just one cell

220120 other way

… & move it to several points

220120 other way2

faster editing and easier managable

220120 other way3

Five – model photos

IMG_4660 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4663

Grasshopper File 3d fabric hex
Add-On Pufferfish by ekimroyrp