Twisted column


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The project I designed is a column made to me be 3d printed in recycled PET. The shape I chose is an irregular curvy shape that was inspired by the organic shape of marine creatures.

The first step was the 2d drawing of the base shape. To do so, I had to divide a circle into different parts, then choose that two point out of three would move outside the circle (True in the panel), and the other one would move inside (False).  It was necessary to generate random numbers in two groups; positive and negative ones. Then I had to make these numbers as moving vectors, and make a curve out of the result.




1 B

Once the base shape drawn, it got to be repeated a several times to give it a height. To make it twist, you got to move it a Pi number of times.

2 3 4

The result would still look too regular, so the graph helps balancing it until you find the right shape.

4 BK1

When the shapes looked like I wanted to, it needs to have a thickness. An offset is necessary to create a second similar surface. I then got to cap the solid by drawing cut surfaces at the two sides of it. The last step to loft it to make it solid.