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BRIDGE BIULDER 1.0 This is a simple tutorial how to “grasshopper” a game for yourself.   1. We are in need of : LEVEL difficulty slider, road/rails fragments, constuction fragments…    (for expert level – > you can do your own) 1 start   2. To choose level  I used “FILTER” connected to a cluster of point specifieing length of the gap. 2cluster 3   3. Simple geometry into line that is extruded in the end.   (can be extruded to infinity and beyond…)   —-> when level is picked, BAKE IT!   4 extruded level   4. In side view You can draw a line(s) that you desire to be a road/rails and set them as “ROAD”. This following script (cluster) divides it into fragments, extrusions, support points and load points.   5 DECK     (B and C are connected to “ROAD”; Right side R=beams, W=load points, Ex= Extrude to preview (just for the color), E = support points)   5.  In side view You can draw a line(s) that you desire to be the construction and set them as “CONSTRUCTION”. The following script (cluster) divides them again into seperate beams.   6   6. Now we need to evaluate it with Donkey 7   7. Let us do some more with the evaluation. You can set the color of the terrain (extrusion in step 3) according to the result of your try. 8 8. For testing purposes you can add “GALAPAGOS” to the formula to make sure levels are hard enough.

9  9. As a final step you can model a train in rhino and let it test the bridge.


Final result as I was playing :