Bubble panel tutorial


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In this project, I try to use their new knowledge about Rhino-Grasshopper software to model the panel of potential use in my studio work.
The concept is, that there is a border area (2D or 3D) that I want to fill with balls/bubbles. So that they do not overlap with each other and also trim overlapping spheres that transcend the borders. The layout and density of these shapes is then arbitrarily changeable.

1 Create the panel:


2 Create points of centres:

2P 2O

3 The irregular shift of points:

3P  5O

4 Create the mesh spheres:


5 Trim of bubbles:

5P 4O


6.2 6.1 1 2 3 4


the use in the model:





Rhino File

Grasshoper file

PDF file