Cave Housing Volumes and Sun Analysis


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My inspiration was to create a shapes inspired by the Cappadocian Cave houses and apply sun analysis on such shapes.

Firstly I wanted to create an anchor with a shape resembling the desired form. To do so, I have the tutorial from helped a lot and I am very thankful.

Creating a base
Process of creating a single shape (1)
Process of creating a single shape (2)

After I have created a single model of a shape resembling what I have wanted to achieve I multiplied it using ”Series”.

Than I wanted to modify the shapes and make them a bit different. I found two variants to do so. First variant was to use the plugin 4D noise (

Noise (1)
Noise (2)
Noise (3)

I chose the second variant, to manually deform the shapes.

Second variant

I have also created a surface in Rhino and played a bit with positions of units and their scales, while combining the surface with model created in Grasshopper.

Creating a surface in Rhino
After modifications done in Rhino (layer material, positions…)

I have done the sun analysis by using the LadyBug plugin ( It was very important during this process to bake the mesh in Grasshopper, remove all of the meshes before selecting geometry and carefully selecting the desired geometry.

Sun Analysis
Sun Analysis Result

Thanks to the scripts, notes from classes and tutorials online and I was able to create this.
This script and project has enabled me to see just one small segment of what is possible to achieve by using Grasshopper. The options that LadyBug has are very helpful in any kind of architectural projects and the freedom and non-stiffness Grasshopper has in general is highly inspirational.

Links to online tutorials used to achieve this:

Files to download: