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Final Tutorial

Valentina Notario

Project: Pavilion

The project is based on a pavilion in which exhibitions can be placed or simply a resting place within the city, using different Rhino – Grasshopper tools to achieve the required shape.

First Step:

The Ellipse tool is used to generate the base shape and values ​​are added that will define the size, line, point on curve is added, and a YZ Plane is added that will serve us later.

1A 2A

Second Step:

With a series of tools we will make our figure cut where the plane that we located in the previous step was. Tools such as Boundary Surface, Brep, Surface Split and Dispatch are used for this.

1B 2B

Third Step:

In order to create the curves, the lines that will guide them are needed, for this we need to locate plan lines that are perpendicular to both curves (interior and exterior). Added to the Explode code to separate into two different curves, we will add Evaluate Surface and Scale, and we will add values ​​that will define how much and at what distance the lines will be located and two Divide Curves that will connect to Line.

1C 2C

Forth Step:

In this step we will make the previous lines become curves, for this we will use the Catenary tool that will build a catenary between two points, then we will add Flip Curve and Rebuild Curve to generate all the vertical lines within the mantle, we will add values ​​for To know how much we will need, then we add divide curve to know the distance these will have, finally we add Loft to generate a hand that covers the shape.


Fifth Step:

We already have the vertical lines, so now we need the horizontal lines, for that we will use Extend Curve which will be joined to the previous Rebuild Curve, and we will add Pipe to form a cylindrical shape on these lines, the same will be used for the vertical lines and It will add a value that defines its thickness.


Sixth Step:

In this part we will seek to generate a surface that contains the interior curve, for this we will add the Scale tool to the code and we will give it values ​​that determine the size, We will use Closed Curve to close the open curve and Boundary surfaces. We will also use Division to separate it from what was previously built, finally with Extrude we will give it thickness.


Seventh Step:

As in the previous step, now we are looking to make the floor of the pavilion higher, so in this case we will add to the code the Scale tools to which we give values ​​to know the size of this surface, then we add Boundary Surfaces and to finish, Extrude takes care to give it the necessary thickness.

1G 2G

Final Step:

Finally, the Custom Preview and Color Switch commands are added to color the generated surfaces and elements. This image contains the complete grasshopper code.

codigo final


The Link to download the Grasshopper file: