Final tutorial: ring design


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Ring design

For this project I really wanted to create a jewelry design.

I wanted to create a ring, one that had an organic look. The most organic form is a curve, so wanted to twist curves and make them create a ring.

I kinda wanted to create a twisted ring, but I didn’t really know how I wanted it to look. So, I started by creating a circle, one that functioned as being the base of the ring. On this ring I putted a certain number of plans and on these plans, I created a polygon. I rotated the plans so the ring would twist.


But I wanted the ring to have a thicker part and a thinner part so I created a pull point as you can see here.


Turns out it was also possible to create an attractor as shown here.



To give the ring a more organic look I started playing with the graphmapper tool, with which I could adjust the concentration of the turns etc. For this first one I created a part where there is no twist in the ring. Where the rotation numbers are the same, there will be no twists. Also the turns are concentrated different as you can see. The flatter, the line, the less the ring will twist. (graphmapper – bazier)




I thought it was really interesting to play with the different graphmapper types.

Gaussian type: the sharper/higher the line is, the more concentrated and sharper the twists on the ring will be.



86423457_193853675005532_6437137644253085696_n 86488521_172401120860462_7685791186748964864_n


Parabola type: In the first picture, the line is particularly flat,you can tell that the ring is only twisting where the line is not flat. But in the second picture the hyperbole is really steep. So the ring is turning really hard.

86665809_183241262896676_8176508423135821824_n 85188198_696601894077678_4385700923964391424_n


When I made the hyperbole into a parabole, the ring started to look more organic.





And although this next one looks really agressive, I like it way more the the previous designs. It’s way more organic, it looks natural. But I would like to ad more calmness to it.



It’s way more organic, it looks natural. But I would like to add more calmness to it.

85168230_3151821331708999_6837209973814984704_n 85125423_497247807659291_6122004550736936960_n


I really like this last design, the ring has a more calm look and it looks comfortable as well.

Gif ring

Render ring 1 Render ring 2 Render ring 3


Ring final tutorial Grasshopper

Ring final tutorial Rhino