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The idea came from flowing water image in my mind. I thought why not use that completely wild and organic form which we see everyday as our architectural environment. From this point I decided to interpret this idea as a pavilion or a part of interior design.


A.   Creating curved surface as the base geometry.

11 pic

22 pic

33 pic


 B.   Manipulating points on surface.

4 4 pic

55 pic




         Ahere to the flock center component – every point in the flock will try to stay close to a flock center.icon1

         Repulse from the flock component – if it gets too crowded, the points will try to do social distancing/move away from each other.icon2

         Align to the flock members component – every point will try to align itself with other points, meaning, if all the points are flying to the left, that single point will also try to steer itself to the left.icons

Finally, I add values to these components and use addition to add the vectors up.


Firstly, creating a Vector XYZ and using Rotate vector to rotate the vector by giving the angle value to X direction. This means that            the points now will move the direction which is given by the angle of the vector.

Finally, Addition is used again to add this wind vector to all the other vectors.


C.   Creating lines and giving thickness to the geometry.

After we already have the points which are moving on the surface, we need to create lines from those points and record the movement to get the geometry.


11 pic



full scriptrendered image



This is a simple additional script to show another approach of  points movement and create different geometry.

full script_simple jpg

simple flow_2

simple flow_1


Grasshopper file: flowing cave_Monika Markauskaite
Anemone: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/anemone
Boid: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/boid-library

p.s. I tried working with Culebra library as well, but seems it will need more research and time to start actually using it.