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The main idea for this script is to model a wooden corridor using a curve and simple plug-ins, meaning, Range – Graph Mapper – Remap Numbers – Construct Domain – Merge, creating this geometrical wave within the structure. The built model was designed to be integrated into the green square, Zítkovy Sady in Prague.

Render geométrico 4                               Render geométrico 3


The concept, was to create a public corridor that would provide dynamic and movement to the empty square. Taking into to account the existing place, some aspects were important to design for understanding the pretended shape. First, at the top is designed a small entrance facing the city, capturing people’s attention and their desire to get closer and enter the space. In the core of the structure, we see the larger and more invited space where everyone can meet and contemplate the different atmosphere within the city. And finally, in the lower zone the big entrance, facing the river. From this perspective we exit the wooden corridor, seeing an open and interesting view to the Vltava River.

Reference 1                                            Reference 2


4               1              2                3

Process using Graph Mapper through a Curve

Geometrical Corridor Plug-in Process

Curve – Divide Curve – Range – Graph Mapper – Line SDL – Perp Frame

Perp frames    Geometrical Corridor Process (specific part)

Remap Numbers – Merge – Connect Curves

Merge    Geometrical Corridor Process (merge and final method)

Extrude – Final Model

Process of the corridor

Final Renders

RENDER FINAL 3                       RENDER FINAL 1                      RENDER FINAL 2


Final Geometrical Corridor.GH