How i built my voronoi bar with grasshopper ?


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The file .gh is available here : Bar

Step 1 : Create the Brep

01_Box - curve 01_Box - curveI created an hexagone solid that i set on one brep in grasshopper.

Step 2 : Create a population of points

02_Population 02_Population I used the tool «population» in order to create mutiple points. I decided for this exemple using 15 point and 614 as seed.

Step 3 : Integrate special point to create flat surfaces

03_Point miroir 03_Point miroir I put some points and their mirror in the Z axes, more or less far.

Step 4 : Merge all points

04_Merge 04_merge I merged point from «population» tool and mine with the «union» tool.

Step 5 : Voronoi

05_voronoi 05_voronoi I used the «voronoi 3D» tool in order to create cells and look like bubble.

2 3 4 This how voronoi works in 2D. In my case it is the same but in 3D.

Step 6 : Merges surfaces from voronoi and from the hexagone

06_merge 2 06_merge 2 I merged all surfaces in one mesh.

Step 7 : Find the lines

07_Lines 07.1_Lines07_Lines The goal here is to find all the section lines between all the surfaces to only use that afterwards and remove all duplicates.

Step 8 : Create pipes

08_pipes Capture 3I used all the created lines to build pipes around its.

Step 9 : Bake

10_bake 10_bake The last step is to bake the pipes in order to work on it in Rhino.

Many possibilities :

Capture 1Capture d 2Capture d 1Capture 4Capture 3Capture 2Capture It is possible with the script to change the density and the thickness of the lines to vreate many different models.

Final :


3D couv 3d basique