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We decided to create a playful and ludic design, which is able to create a small object, to a furniture until a real structure with an human scale. You can sit on the project on one side, stretch out on it, go through it…
This installation gives to users the opportunity to appropriate it themselves, whatever their age. Its ludic but also modular: can be use individually but also works in small group.

We wanted to create a model that we could modify some parameters to finally choose only one that came closest to our first ideas and design. For that, we “played” at random with only one parameter : the seed of the Populate 3D tool. With the “Animate” function (right click on the seed), we generated 100 different models and chose one we thought was the most representative of our ideas.

Following, let’s find the TUTORIAL of our design.

Firstly, we thought about create a cube to obtain a delimitated area and flat surfaces below and overhead the structure.
This makes possible to place more easily the structure on the floor of differents environments and gives more confort for users.

So, let’s create a cube in Grasshopper with the tool « Plane Surface ». You can choose the size with the slider.
Then, with « Bow Rectangle » you have a box in 3D, with the same slider to obtain a cube.

01 1 02

This cube is our external area of works within with we create points.
We use the « Populate 3D » tool to create there points and we can play with the values to create ramdom positions of points.

2 03

The « Voronoi 3D » function allows us to divide the whole structure in smaller pieces.
Each pieces has its own form to create more original structure.

3 04

Then, the « Cull Pattern » option delates some parts.
And « Solide Union » joint everything on one solid form.

Now, hide the Cube and the Voronoi to see just the excavated structure.

4 05

Then, we create a mesh to be abble to add « Weaverbird’s Picture Frame » on it.

6 07

And then, « Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken » to obtain a Surface’s triangulation.

7 08

8 09

« Loop Subdivision » creates holes inside triangular faces in order to have a more light structure.

We can play again with the Seed from the Populate 3D to change the shape of our structure and create differents kind of uses.
But the “Animate” function is more convenient, and allows us to see a lot of differents shapes. You have to right click on the Seed Slide, and it generate automatically 100 differents designs.

After generating the 100 different models we looked a them to see which one was the closest to our ideas. Our choice has turn to the model below for some reasons. We wanted a “game structure”, we mean, a structure that you can explore, climb on it, go under or also hide yourself… We chose this one because we think it is the one which brings together all these criteria and we also like the design which reminded us our first idea of a cave.

modele selectionne

Our choice for the realization turned towards a metallic structure. We believe that this is the most appropriate way to carry out our project in one piece. With welds, it’s possible to add others modules later to obtain a larger structure.

Here, there is the final script with all the steps.


Here you can find the Rhino & Grasshopper files: Prismaticave