Parametric Skate track


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Here is short tutorial how to create mass that seems like skate track!
Screenshot_8  At first i have crated the curve that we will transform in track and situated  all control points as i want using this toolbar

 Screenshot_9Than  i have draw  4 cross-sections of future  track
Screenshot_10 Than i picked the “Sweep1” component
Screenshot_11and set rail curve(1) and reparametrize it , than Set multiple curves and points. Points should be situated under each cross-section in the center.Screenshot_12 than by using XY Plane i have situated all points on plane, using Orient command rotate this plane into XZ and using PermFrame situated them on rail curve in right positions.Screenshot_13 To fix details i have rotated a bit cross sectionsScreenshot_14
Then we will articulate the layout of the house
Screenshot_63  Let’s start from a glass wall
Screenshot_65Using simple components we are creating a profile og a window frame.
Screenshot_65Using Sweep1 component we rail polyline that we have on the rectangle, creating frame.

Screenshot_66 Than we should  draw the curve (basement for our wall), divide it into some equal segments and orient (Orient component) the window frame on a curve on final plane using Construct Plane and if you want to rotate your objects on a curve you can add Rotate component, but in this case it is not necessary . And to define the Initial Plane we will pick our rail curve for a window frame , divide it into 4 parts (Explode) , pick the lower segment (List Item) and define a middle point of it (Evaluate Curve).
Screenshot_67To create a sun shutter like this, we have to pick our base curve for a glass window and using Move and Offset component locate it on a plane of a shutter. Then divide the curve (Divide Curve) and connect points with Line component. Then we have to do simple things like extrude planes to 3d mass.
Screenshot_68 To create a main bearing wall ,  we will use 2 offset lines (Offset Curve) and create surface (Ruled Surface), then extrude it.
Screenshot_69Screenshot_70 To move interior partitions along the main wall we can use Evaluate Length component and to specify direction of a partition – SDL component. Then use the same aproache wich was used for the creation of main bearing wall.