Torso tower


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The Prolog

As a beginner in Grasshopper I must say that from the very begining  I had the intention to take the PET workshop in more experimental way. So I tried to play with the main volume of the tower  little bit more and design the construction system itself afterwards and then somehow apply it to the mass I create.

The concept

I tried to come out from the process of the recyclation itself where the bottle as a used product is creased, deformed and about to undergo the recycling process in the best way.

The Mass

My elementary shape was a circle. But for better control I wanted to play with different radiuses so more precisely it was an ellipse. An ellipse I pushed  in way of the Z axis using the series command(1). I created the desired torsion as a twisted plastic bottle by rotation of ellipses in the appropriate levels(2). But because I did not want the whole mass look too static, I wanted to move the ellipses in the horizontal plane as well. I created the tower bending effect  using trigonometric prescriptions with controllable variables and outputs(3). Each ellipse with increasing altitude gradually pinch, so that the biggest mass remains near the base of the tower and helps to stabilize the whole object(4).






With almost fully controlled outputs I created some variations of the main volume.




Construction principle design was such that each bottle is supposed to be placed vertically at each other in individual layers. where they are interspersed with plastic plates to which the bottles are anchored by their necks.



And all these unique blocks are locked together the same way.



I needed to find out how many bottles would be needed for my proposal. So I needed to create a network that represented the ideal arrangement of bottles in area.Using HexaGrid command(1). I created the network and I used the propriate ellipse as a boundary so I could work only with bottles with the area of ellipse(2). I pojected this network  at each levels and summed all elements.











download file: torso_tower