Wavy facade responding to sunlight


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The goal of my seminar work was to create a script which will analyze any facade and will place windows on it according to sunlight hours  analysis. Furthermore I wanted to create a wavy pattern around the windows with lamellas and prepare the lamellas for laser.

More examples of the same facade with different surroundings.

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So let´s see script!



First I started by creating the facade I am going to analyze (the red one in the picture above) and the buildings around it that will create the shade. Using the plug-in Ladybug I got sunlight hours mesh which represents the total sunlight hours for the whole year for location Prague.



The script allows me to sort the data and choose parts of facade which get only less than certain amount of sunlight. This way I can place the windows where there is the least sun throughout the year. This option is suitable for example for southern countries where little direct sunlight is preferrable but there is also the option of using the other more sunny part of the facade. The mesh on picture below shows the area where the windows will be placed.





Now that I´ve got the area where I want to place the windows I can create a regular pattern for the windows. Firstly creating a grid of windows and then choosing only the ones which fit my sunlight hours parameters.

4 5




The last step is creating a force field around every one of the windows to get bulging effect. In this case I set the force field to have these characteristics, but the shape of the bulging is of course modifiable. I divided the bulging surface into lamellas which can be cut from wood or some different material and I cut out the holes for the windows.

6 7




In the last part of the script you can choose if you want to use the lamellas for 3d visualisation or for laser cutting (as in the picture below).




And the final result:

grass vizoska



Grasshopper and an example Rhino file in a .zip here:

Facade responding to sunlight- grasshoppper, rhino