Workshop 2015 – Use the numbers!


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The task for beginners:

Create your own cluster component which is able to react at two different parameters (at least) and can be mapped on a Surface using a plane. Design the Surface and show different states of your cluster component.


The task should be submitted in form of a printed A1 poster and the files on a CD. There´s going to be an exhibition in one of the atriums at Faculty of architecture.


Here´s a little hint, but be original! Don´t forget to sketch the whole component in different states first, so that you have a realistic idea how to model that. Think in terms of geometry, if you can draw it properly, you´ll be able to model it. And please, go further than just cylinders and cones… :D

WS2015_The task for Beginners


05 04 03 02 01Just a little help file to get you going in case you forget the most commonly used components… And the Data tree explanation.

WS2015_Data tree explained
WS2015_List and Data tree manimpulation

WS2015_The task for Beginners