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READ THIS! It’s one of the best Grasshopper books with downloadable example files. If you’re ok with the interface, you can skip first chapter, but at least skim trhrough it…

Also, here’s old Grasshopper forum and the new version is now at McNeal servers. Both are full of interesting discussions and problems are solved there, so before you say, that something is too hard, or impossible, have a look in here:

Here are some other cool sites where you can find interesting .gh scripts:


Here you’ll find all the important dates and guidelines for submitting your semestral wrok.

LS2020_CAD 4 - Conditions

Zde jsou podmínky pro udělení zápočtu a návod, jak správně odevzdat svůj semestrální projekt.

LS2020_CAD 4 - Podmínky


And more blogs with some cool content: