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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use powerfully basic commands MOVE, SCALE and ROTATE as well as the use of FILLET, PIPE and Control Points.


1. loading 3d crooked lines into two separet curves – ones for the bottom part, the other for an upper part (this will be used later for a pads denstity management on the pipes). These lines will serve as a starting points for my filleted pipes.


2. FILLETing the curves and then PIPE for the final smooth geometry of piped lines.


3. loading custom surface (pads) and finding a single point to use later for the MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE operation.


4. Finally MOVE, ROTATE, SCALE made possible by highlighted vectors. Starting point for the vector is our point on the pad and ending points are points found with CP of the piped curves. Command JITTER is used to bring randomnes inside of the RANGE boundaries to our geometry.


5. Final top view to see the randomnes of JITTER during ROTATE and SCALE.