Contemporary facade using sgraffito


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Seo_ sgrafitto final

I made a facade design algorithm that can be applied to a studio project this semester. It is an attempt to reinterpret the well-preserved Sgraffito façade in the Slavonice region with parametric techniques in a modern way.

It can be applied to any type of wall. In this submission, a surface with a size of 5*5m was used as a basic prototype.

I used the Deconstruct component whenever I needed curves or points contained in the divided panels.

It takes two offsets to make the targeted pattern. In order to vary the degree of the second offset for each cell, a parametric technique was applied using the ‘Remap Number’ component.

Each pattern in Sgraffito is created differently depending on the distance to the control point. You can make a difference in a variety of ways, including the arrangement of the patterns, their color, and their density. In this submission, the offset size in the pattern is set differently. I tried a more diverse number of cases by assigning an order to each surface forming the pattern using ‘list items’.

Extract the edge points of each curve with the ‘Deconstruct’ component and connect them.

Use a ‘loft’ component to create each facet in the pattern. Four curves in one tile are grouped into the same data tree.


Using the ‘Custom Preview’ and ‘Colour Swatch’ components, color some of the 5 surfaces that make up each tile.

You can freely set the density, shape, and size of the pattern to create various sgraffitos!



Adjustion to final project

grasshopper file: Seo_ sgrafitto final