Final project – Digital column by Fannie Desrochers


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This project is about the making of a digital column for a design competition in Québec.

The concept of the column is inspired by the stem, being the main pillar of the plant, on which the different leaves of a plant are binded. Moreover, the organic pattern of a leaf will be reproduced on the leaves as a texture. It is the voronoi texture found in nature that will be used for this project.


For the modelization, I started off by drawing in rhino two curves which create the shape of the stem and the top of the leaf.

Capture lignes

I then proceded to create a loft between the two lines in grasshopper.

30739130_10211630538868105_1174683025858887680_nI then created the two voronoi textures that will be superimposed on each other, over the leaf.



Once the three different leaves were created, I used map to surface map the texture onto the three leaves.

feuille texturée1


I then used mesh pipe to create a 3D texture. For the larger texture, a bigger mesh pipe was applied and for the texture with finer details, a smaller mesh pipe was created.

Étape - pipe petits

Étape - Pipe gros

Étape - pipe petit et gros

I then scaled the first version of the leaf to create two bigger leaves that will be inserted into the first one.


Here’s the script for the creation of one leaf:30713161_10211630674031484_1286263810897739776_n

The script is the same for the other two leaves, except for the sliders at the very beginning which varies on the z component in order to create a higher leaf.

For the final part of the project, I create a base for the column. The exact same process as seen previously is applied for the creation of the base, except that the two curves at the beginning are different.



The final result, assembled:


grasshopper file:


Rhino file: